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Martedì, 07 Febbraio 2012 14:24

Encrypter SketchBook tutorial n.3

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Tutorial 03: iCloud operations:

To use iCloud in Encrypter SketchBook it's required to have: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion,  a valid iCloud account, and to have enabled "Documents & Data" in "System Preferences -> iCloud".


Save records to the cloud:

  • Open Encrypter SketchBook;
  • Create a file (see tutorial 1) or open an existing one.
  • Go to the "iCloud" menu a and click "Sync to iCloud". 

sync to iCloud menu otem

Get records from iCloud: 

  • Open Encrypter SketchBook.
  • Go to the "iCloud" menu and click: "Get from iCloud".

Get from iCloud menu

  • When asked insert your password.


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