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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 15:11

Problems using iCloud functions

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Problems using iCloud functions:

If you encountered errors trying to access your records on the iCloud try these:


  • Verify that the file you have on the iCloud is named "Keys.aes" to do this:
    1. Go to "System Preferences" in OS X or "Settings" in iOS.
    2. Go to the "iCloud" preference panel.
    3. Click "Manage" in Mac OS X or "Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage" in iOS.
    4. Check to have an Encrypter SketchBook  file under "Documents & Data" called "Keys.aes"iCloud Preference panel
  • Verify to use the correct password to access the file.
  • Verify to use the latest versions of the app.
  • Verify to enable the "Documents & Data" option under "System Preference" or "Settings", "iCloud" preference panel.
  • Try uploading again the file from Encrypter SketchBook (see tutorial 03) or Encrypter SB for iOS using the save button and choosing "iCloud" as destination.

If none of these instructions help you try contacting us, we'll be happy to assist you.

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