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Thursday, 01 December 2011 15:39

Encrypter SketchBook Help Doc

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Encrypter SketchBook Help

This OS X application let you able to encrypt your passwords and accounts data using default Apple cryptography algorithms.

This approach  ensure that the AES 256bit cryptography system that the app use to secure you data has been largely tested and verified, no one is been in the possibility of customize algorithms keeping track of your precious data.
Encrypter let you export saved files to iOS devices (iPod Touches, iPhone, iPad) and access data from there. Encrypter let you save your encrypted data to the iCloud and access them from any device.

Lets start...

When the app starts you can directly create your data: use the Add button to create new records and fill all text fields with your data. Then for save the document set the password, you will use to crypt the data you entered. To do this push just push Encode and the app’ll ask you to enter a password, if you already didn’t.
Remind that the quality an security of the encoding will depend by the length of the password: better to use alpha numeric passwords, containing special characters (!”@%$_&, etc...) and not less than 6 characters (better 10 or more).
At any time the password will be saved anywhere so be careful missing your password is missing your file: no one will be able to unlock it!
Every record is composed by a “Title” field, a “User ID” field, “email”, “Http Link”, “Password”, “Notes” and a “Category”. Fill with care each field; remind that if you’ll use the file in iOS a good classification and useful notes will help you finding records.
To open a saved file use the Decode button, a password will be asked if none is settled, if something goes wrong decoding the file a dialog message will be displayed: don’t worry maybe you have settled a wrong password, try again.
No autosaving function was developed, for security reasons, so remind you to save your file before leaving or all your data will be lost.

iOS Use

When you save your data to a file, if you want to export it to a iOS device, you should name it “Keys.aes”. After installing Dekripter App on your device you should connect the device via iTunes. You will have a Dekripter shared folder shown in iTunes. Drag “Keys.aes” to the shared folder and the App will automatically load it when it starts.
You can find a toolbar button and a menu item that do that for you.
You can also sync you iOS device from the iCloud.


You can upload your data to the iCloud and download them on different devices. To do that is required that you have activated the “Documents & Data” option in the iCloud’s preference panel. The same operation is required to use these function under iOS. iCloud is only supported by OSX Lion machines.


This app works with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later. Lion functions like iCloud and Sandboxing are enabled only in OS X 10.7 Lion.

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